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Lists is a feature available to all logged-in users. Lists allows a user to build specified lists of products. Lists can be used for a wide variety of situations such as:


  • Bill of Material for a Job
  • Reoccurring Purchases
  • Stores Room Stock List
  • Preventative Maintenance on Equipment
  • Van or Truck Stock for Contractors

Find the List Feature

Find the list feature





Create and Add to a List

Users can add to their list by either finding an item and clicking “Add to List” or Create a List and add items within the list including importing large (up to 500 items/import) amount of items based on Source Atlantic part numbers or Customer part numbers


Create and Build Lists





Schedule a List Reminder

The user can also schedule reminders for each list. These reminders are emailed to the user based on a schedule determined by the user.

scheduling list reminders