Now that face masks have been made mandatory in public places, it is virtually impossible to walk into a storefront that isn’t selling some version of a face mask. But are they all effective?  

According to a test conducted by CBC’s Marketplace (Click here to read CBC’s Marketplace face mask report) the 3-ply disposable masks that we carry at Source Atlantic are deemed to be top-performers in preventing the aerosol spread of coronavirus due to their melt-blown, non-woven polypropylene filtration layer.

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Surgical 3-PLY Face Mask

Disposable Surgical 3-PLY Face Mask with Ear Loop - Level 1 (Filtration standard 95%)

Three-ply protective filtration (1- external, 2-filtration, 3- internal)
Filtration layer: Melt-Blown non-woven polypropylene

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