Vending Machines

Learn how we helped IMP Aerospace with Inventory Management

We offer a variety of ways to manage your durables and consumables, completely configurable and secure.

Vending machines eliminate stock outs, shrinkage and ensure critical items are on hand when required. Employee-level item usage tracking and controlled dispensing puts you in control so you can increase efficiency and lower your costs. Our partner, CribMaster, offers a variety of industrial vending solutions controlled by the most capable software:

  • Carousels to efficiently organize classes of items with multiple sizes
  • Coils to dispense gloves, earplugs, and any carded or single-use packaging
  • Divided drawer systems to control access to hand tools
  • Lockers for power tools and toolkits, boxed items, or materials with irregular dimensions
  • Weight-sensitive storage for all bin stock components

Vending machine features include automatic usage tracking, elimination of manual cycle counts, elimination of purchase order generation, web login for reporting capabilities and tracking visibility and monthly summarized billing to reduce accounts payable volume. Some of our customers who implement vending solutions have seen reductions in inventory usage ranging from 10% to 30%!

Providing tools, supplies and safety equipment at the point of use provides several additional benefits:

  • Productivity increases due to less walk time
  • Software captures all transactions, providing business intelligence and reducing manual paperwork
  • Machines offer configurable, accessible storage in an extensible solution
  • Auto-replenishment saves order processing expense and keeps items in stock
  • Less waste lowers indirect material cost
  • Supported through our own VMI techs, we replenish your machines and create a single, monthly invoice


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