Vending Machines

Vending Machines

Watch How Vending Machines Helped IMP Aerospace


Benefits of a Vending Solution: 

  • Auto-replenishment improves product availability, saves order processing expense, and keep items in stock
  • The software captures all transactions, providing business intelligence and reducing manual paperwork

Vending Made Easy

Do you need to make access to supplies simple and easy? Do you need to better track, monitor, and control the products you use in your business every day?

One of our many inventory vending machine storage solutions, conveniently placed, can help you achieve this. Source Atlantic will work with you to determine the best solution to help you monitor your supply inventory levels to ensure you have the items you need on hand.


Vending Machines

View our 6 different styles of Vending Machines

Toolbox_Vending Machine

For smaller items like safety glasses


Perfect for returnable tools


Precise weight-sensing technology


Carousel Dispense Items

Express Vend

Keypad interface and coil technology

x3 machine

Bench-top vending solution