For project work, shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages.

Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages are difficult to plan and budget. Source Atlantic’s inventory management has experience in helping companies keep critical items in stock and keep business operating and on schedule. Throughout the project, our analytics team can provide reporting and insights to keep costs visible.

Stay productive, stay safe, and keep project costs in check!


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Business Analytics, Key metrics, and more Supply Chain Solutions


                                          Real-Time Analytics

Manage Cost Per Labour Hour  

Key metrics such as usage at the employee level are essential to track budget. Source Atlantic provides analytics with actionable insights to allow adjustments for cost efficiencies and recommendations on technology improvements - all in real-time! Avoid downtime and stay on schedule - let us help!

Track your costs per hour compared to budget in real-time to stay on target. We can provide you with:

  • Usage on consumables
  • Checked-out and overdue reports on durables
  • Spend Analytics: 
    • Per user
    • Per week
    • Average spend
    • Number of users issuing
Man Hour Savings Chart
  • Budgeted Spend: $3 per labour hour
  • Average Actual Spend: $1.83 per labour hour
  • Total Project Labour Hours: 897,480
  • Consumables Cost Before Solution:  $2,692,440.00
  • Consumables Cost After Solution: $1,642,388.40
  • Total Increase To Bottom Line: $1,050,051.60

             Endless Assortment of MRO Products and Services

Increase Productivity

Implement controls such as proper min/max levels helping to avoid stock-outs and keeping critical job supplies on-site - as well as critical personnel on the job.

Safety Standardization 

During projects, there can be an influx of contracted work - we can help with site-wide compliance by providing readily accessible PPE and tooling.


                                              Mobile Stores

Source Atlantic's mobile store solution: allowing you to focus on what your business does best. 

Leave the supply expertise up to us! Our mobile store is a robust retrofitted and scalable inventory solution for both long and short term projects. Here are some ways that you can customize to your specific project: 

  • Shelving, product bins & labels, lighting

  • Employee scan access for security and tracking

  • Warehouse inventory management system

  • Heat, insulation, service counter