Asset Management


Source Atlantic can help you maintain and track your assets through RFID and mobile computing solutions

Using a combination of serial numbers or RFID chips and handheld RFID readers we can track and identify certifications and inspections, schedule preventative maintenance, and record location of inventory.

Whether you sign up for our inspection program or are just interested in tagging your inventory and other assets, we have RFID chips and tags to fit a wide variety of equipment. With RFID you can instantly identify your asset and its compliance status, view inspection notes and details, search through all your tagged assets easily, and so much more! You can simply log in to view your dashboard and review the status of your equipment or have the reports emailed directly to your inbox.


Source Atlantic can accurately and efficiently manage your assets for you so they are compliant and in safe working condition at precisely the time you need them to be.

We will manage your equipment either at your facility, at a job site or at a local Source Atlantic branch. You can retain visibility to your items through various software programs and technology platforms including:

  • Source Atlantic's mobile app
  • Online catalogue
  • Point-of-use inventory management software