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Machine Effectively To Reduce Tooling Costs

Our goal is to support you with the optimal tooling solution for your business. The Source Atlantic cutting tools team is made up of tradespeople who know machines and tooling, understand the inner workings of a machine shop, and stay current on industry trends. We offer a variety of machine-cutting tools, bandsaw blades, and accessories including milling cutters, reamers, turning tools, HSS tools, carbide tools, and end mills. We also offer a full line of machine coolants, cutting fluids, semi and synthetic oils, and food-grade lubricants. Browse our site to learn more about our services and products, learn about our brands, or submit a form to connect with a precision cutting tool specialist.


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Cutting Tool Services

Productiivty Analysis. Connect with a specialist

Productivity Analysis

We can improve the efficiency of your production line. Source Atlantic’s skilled manufacturing specialists will review current processes, cycle times, applications, and materials and offer solutions to help lower manufacturing costs and eliminate bottlenecks. Connect with a specialist to learn more about improving business operations.

Equipment Sales And Services

Helping you select, operate, and maintain all your CNC machine tools is what we do best. We have helped companies enhance productivity and reduce costs with the right equipment. We carry a wide variety of metalworking products including CNC Lathe Machines, Milling Machines, and Band Saws.

Machine Part Process Mapping

To produce a component for the lowest possible cost at the highest quality, you need the best combination of machinerytool holdingcutting tools, and lubricants. Source Atlantic can study your production process and provide options to machine effectively to reduce tooling costs and improve your manufacturing operations.

Machine Tool Repair Service

We will keep your machines running smoothly. Source Atlantic technicians have years of experience diagnosing and repairing all types of machine tools. Our on-site repair services include emergency repairs, troubleshooting, diagnosing, scheduled, and planned repairs. Connect with a specialist to learn more about our repair services.


Scott Jensen

Cutting Tool Technical Specialist

Calgary, Alberta


Sandeep Chopade

Cutting Tool Technical Specialist

Calgary, Alberta


Doug Criss

Cutting Tool Technical Specialist

Northern Alberta


Ryan Perkinson

Cutting Tool Technical Specialist

Winnipeg, Manitoba