Save up to 75% on your lighting costs, generate clean energy with solar, and identify waste with our compressed air audits.

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Time is Money. Get from Sign to Online up to 5x faster. SolarU leverages its buying power to be the superior installation alternative: we provide faster home assessments, we stock our materials in Nova Scotia for faster lead times, we use local installers who know the market, and we demand high quality, high-efficiency workmanship.




Did you know that compressed air leaks are often unnoticed? The sounds blend with other noises in the plant and can't be heard. Our leak detection program provides a full onsite assessment to pinpoint leaks while your plant is in full operation. Identification, description, and tagging for leaks. A comprehensive report outlining the image of each leak, its precise location, the estimated size of the leak, the power consumed, and an estimate of how much the leaks cost each year.


LED Audits

Source Atlantic has worked with numerous companies to install or convert their facility lighting to LED lamps. To provide our customers with the best solution, the Source Atlantic team will perform a site assessment to understand the current layout and existing fixtures, work with you to identify what improvements your business wants to achieve with new lighting, and ultimately provide information and documentation you can use to make an informed decision.