Lightweight Belting

Start your light weight belting inspection

Welcome to Source Atlantic, your trusted partner in revolutionizing production line efficiency with our cutting-edge Lightweight Belting solutions. As industry leaders, we specialize in providing a diverse range of sanitary components tailored to meet the stringent requirements of various production lines, with a primary focus on food-grade and sanitary operations. Choosing certified components from Source Atlantic ensures not only compliance but unlocks many benefits for your operations. Minimize cleaning time, reduce the use of detergents and water, and decrease downtime while simultaneously enhancing workplace safety. Let our team of professionals help optimize your conveyor operations to achieve peak performance. 


Why Source Atlantic

Our solutions portfolio includes products from world-class manufacturers combined with our expertise in their optimal use. We provide these solutions to a wide variety of industries, with particular focus on sanitary applications for all food and beverage market sectors. Our specialists work with customers to minimize maintenance and enhance operations, while reducing water usage, energy consumption and the use of sanitary & water treatment agents.

Quality Conveyor Belts and Components

To ensure that your facility runs at maximum capacity, while reducing waste, maintenance spend and energy consumption, Source Atlantic works with over 20 best-in-class suppliers to find the exact products you need. Our experienced industry professionals focus on your specific needs and with this comprehensive solutions portfolio, will arrive at what's right for you.


Operations & Maintenance Opportunities

  • Substitute expensive OEM components
  • Replace bearings that require greasing
  • Introduce longer lasting wear components
  • Use high efficiency drives to reduce energy consumption
  • Install sanitary systems

Free Site Survey

To ensure that your current production line is running at peak efficiency, our technical experts will visit your site to conduct a free comprehensive review. This assessment will evaluate overall system performance and identify improvements that can be made at a component level. All with the objective of maximizing production, minimizing downtime and reducing energy and maintenance costs.