Machine & Automation Solutions


Taking Productivity to the Next Level

Helping you select, operate, and maintain all your CNC machine tools is what we do best. We’ve helped modernize machine shops across the country, helping company’s enhance productivity and reduce costs with the right equipment. We carry a wide variety of metalworking products including CNC Lathe Machines, Milling Machines, and Band Saws.

We also offer automation solutions through the use of industrial robotics to enhance speed and precision. Not only will we find you the right machine, but we also install it, and offer maintenance and repair services to keep it running at its optimum. Our machining specialists have over 100 years of combined machining experience to help you avoid downtime and operate your business at its highest capacity.

Source Atlantic is a single-source supplier to the metalworking industry. We supply CNC equipment, precision cutting tools, industrial and safety products, and services.  To ensure our customers receive the best service in each of our divisions



Machine Services


Doosan Machine Tools

Source Atlantic is an exclusive distributor of Doosan Machine tools in Western Canada. By welcoming a Doosan onto your floor, you are guaranteed the ideal combination of value and reliability, plus world-renowned service and support of our Source Atlantic Machining Experts. Learn more about our CNC Machines


Authorized FANUC System Integrator

FANUC is a globally operating company that specializes in authorized system integration. FANUC has been a global leader in the manufacturing of factory automation since 2010. FANUC specializes in a wide product range of CNCs (Computer Numerical Control), Lasers, and Robots.



Fluid Care & Maintenance

A strong fluid maintenance program can make your facility safer, healthier, and more productive. Our team will customize a program to suit your plants' needs. This will include fluid identification and regular on-site coolant monitoring with sampling and reporting.


Productivity Analysis 

Source Atlantic’s skilled manufacturing specialists will perform a time study of your current processes, observe cycle times, and assess the connectivity between machines, applications, and materials. This will help us give you alternative solutions to help lower manufacturing costs and eliminate waste and bottlenecks.


Machine Service and Repair

A ‘down’ machine tool is a problem that needs a solution as quickly as possible. Our service team offers machine installation, maintenance, and repair services. They are well equipped with all the correct tooling such as ball bar tests and laser alignment to ensure your equipment is running at its best.


Preventive Maintenance

Our service team offers Preventative Maintenance programs to keep your equipment running efficiently at all times. When your machines are operating at an optimal level, machine error is prevented and performance levels are increased. Let our team help you!