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General Features

Our eCommerce catalogue has over 350,000 items in 12 different product categories, and we are continuously adding to it.

Once your cart is loaded you have the option to checkout, save order or add to a list to purchase at another time.

Choose to ship directly to your preferred location or pick up your order at a local branch.

When you log in to your account you will see product pricing that is specific to your company, including contract pricing.

Create a custom shopping list to keep the items you need in one spot, such as routinely purchased items, a special list of items for a project, or a list of approved PPE. You can even set a notification to remind you to re-order.

Have a question while shopping? Use our online chat feature to get in touch with one our representatives.

Can't find what you're looking for? We can source it! Tell us more about your product and we will find it for you.

Custom Features

If you have company specific part numbers, let us know. We can load them into our system, so you can search using your very own part numbers.

View order history, current orders & track shipments.

Our search engine will move the items you frequently buy to the top of your search results, saving you time when searching for a specific brand, model or size.

Filter your search results to show only those items that are currently stocked.

View order history, track shipments,look up an invoice, manage lists, and budgets without the need to contact the sales or accounting department.

Personalize and Control

We offer control through 3 different buyer levels. Administrators can manage the user’s level of access, requiring approval before orders are processed.

PunchOut is a feature that connects directly to your company’s ERP system, eliminating duplicate work. Make an order online and the PO will be sent and completed through your ERP system.

All your eCommerce activity is traced to your account. Custom reports such as spend by item, user, project or period can be exported for your own records.

If you want to control which products that your users have access to buy, send us a list of approved products and we can restrict your users to see only the approved items.

Track how you spend by setting up cost codes, project codes, GL codes or set up spending limits by period.

Mix and match the features above to have even more control over your Source Atlantic eCommerce account.

Can't find what you're looking for? We can source it! Tell us more about your product and we will find it for you.

We can work with you to create a one-stop-shop microsite, that only you and your team will have access to.