Industrial Solutions


At Source Atlantic, we offer comprehensive supply chain solutions designed to optimize your business processes and drive success. Our expertise in inventory management, supply chain analysis, and project support allows us to deliver tangible value to our customers. With our innovative technology, experienced specialists, and customer centric approach, we empower you to reduce cost, improve efficiency, and achieve operational excellence. Trust Source Atlantic for end-to-end supply chain solutions tailored to your unique needs. Let us be your strategic partner in unlocking your business’ full potential.


Mobile Store

Get project supplies hassle-free! Source Atlantic's mobile storage has you covered. Our retrofitted sea containers deliver customized inventory to your worksite. With onboard management, you'll never run out of essential supplies. Focus on the job, we'll handle the logistics.


Vendor Managed Inventory

Let us manage your inventory to save you time and money. Vendor Managed Inventory removes the burden of inventory management from you. We own the responsibilities of purchasing, order entry, receiving, and replenishing stock. This will ensure you have a sufficient amount of products and inventory.


Inventory Consolidation Management

Consolidate vendors to save time and money. Benefits include reduced warehousing, inventory, logistics costs, and improved manufacturing efficiency. Increase margins, profitability, forecast accuracy, while decreasing invoicing and A/P costs. Cut costs by consolidating vendors.


Industrial Vending Machines

One of our many inventory vending machine storage solutions, conveniently placed, can help you achieve this. Source Atlantic will work with you to determine the best solution to help you monitor your supply inventory levels to ensure you have the items you need on hand.

Learn which vending machine is right for you!


Procurement Cards

Get the Source Atlantic Procurement Card for faster purchasing. Save up to 75% on admin costs for low-dollar transactions. Place orders easily with pre-approved credit levels and track spend with monthly statements. Simplify purchasing while reducing costs.


Asset Management

Stay compliant and ensure equipment safety on the job. Our asset management solution provides easy access to asset info and certifications. Keep track of all assets in one place for efficient use. Tag assets with serial numbers or RFID for easy scanning and maintenance checks. We simplify asset management and ensure employee productivity.

Keep assets inspected and maintained.



At Source Atlantic, the customer comes first. Our experienced professionals understand business challenges and are here to assist you. Control costs or manage inventory with our eCommerce solution, tailored for small and large organizations. Trust Source Atlantic for your business needs.

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Mobile App

Benefits to using the mobile application: Reduce overall receiving, stocking, stock-out, carrying, and procurement costs! Reduce the amount of time spent manually recording, emailing, and transferring purchase orders. Loaded with custom inventory lists for your company. Include min & max quantities to make ordering easy.


Supply Chain Mapping

Tap into our supply chain expertise for process improvements. We assess your business, identify opportunities, and design a future state. Reviewing assets, systems, data, processes, and policies, we provide recommendations. We assist with implementation, monitoring, and adjustments. Streamline with us.


Project Work, Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages.

Project work, shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages are difficult to plan and budget. Source Atlantic’s inventory management has experience in helping companies keep critical items in stock and keep business operating and on schedule. Throughout the project, our analytics team can provide reporting and insights to keep costs visible.

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