Machine Greatness

Source Atlantic is an exclusive distributor of DN Solutions in Western Canada. By welcoming a DN Solutions Machine to your floor, you are guaranteed the ideal combination of value and reliability, plus world-renowned service and support from the Source Atlantic Team.

Source Atlantic can provide you with DN Solutions CNC machines including horizontal turning centers, mills, boring machines, and multi-function machines to meet your manufacturing needs. These innovations simplify operations, boost efficiencies, and save time.

For over half a century, DN Solutions has led the machine tool industry. DN Solutions continues to grow and develop as a leading global machining company. DN Solutions quickly responds to the needs of the industry and develops new products, technologies, and applications to meet the ever-growing demands of manufacturers.

Machines in Motion

Puma 700LM turning center is designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. High-speed turret indexing and fast rapid traverse rates minimize non-cutting time. Mill-drill capability reduces the need for secondary machining on other machines, helping to eliminate additional machine set-ups and handling costs. Classic manufacturing methods and rigid construction are combined with advanced technological features to provide exceptional value.


Mean Machines!

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