Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


Vendor Managed Inventory is one of the most widely-used inventory improvement initiatives.

Source Atlantic can take over purchase order entry, receiving, and replenishing functions thereby removing the burden of inventory management from the customer and reducing stock outs. Benefits of the VMI program include:

  • Cost savings. More economical order sizes based on your usage. Instead of box quantities or high safety stock levels, less interest on inventory
  • Smaller footprint. Economical order sizes alleviate shelf space
  • Less time. Purchase order entry, receiving, and put away functions are passed on to Source Atlantic
  • Reduced errors. Barcoded items reduce manual keying errors
  • Reduced transportation costs. Consolidated shipments with Source Atlantic reduces redundant suppliers, excess freight, and multiple deliveries
  • Better planning. Item usage reports with the information necessary for project budgeting (i.e.: consumable cost per man-hour, work order, or job)
  • Simple, monthly invoicing

Use our Point of Use barcode scanners or the Source Atlantic Mobile app to order inventory and reduce your overall receiving, stocking, stock-out, carrying and procurement costs.


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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Brochure

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UNBSJ Vendor Managed Inventory Case Study